Fraud – Conquest Technical Staffing LLC

Stephanie Rodriguez
Conquest Technical Staffing

Conquest Technical Staffing LLC
has a business manager named Stephanie Rodriguez  (as seen in the company photos in the red) is purposely bouncing large checks ($3000 so far) on the business accounts. If you receive a check or speak to Stephanie (as seen above) it is a scam. They may allow the first checks to clear, then refer so-called company recruiters like Crystal Arrieta, Stephanie Garcia, or Jonathan Espana Espetia with large checks. They claim to have been hit by fraud yet there information/evidence dates back to Nov. 2016. She asked to be trusted after the initial NSF’s in Dec.  then refuses to pay the next ones in January and repeatedly lied about paying us back. My favorite falsehood is “we always take care of our debts.” Beware of this companies fraudulent tactics and employees. Contact us if you have like experiences or need help with your lawsuit. We will be filing our lawsuits against them Feb. 24 2017.

They have two fraudulent offices

1451 S Rimpau Blvd., Suite 202
Corona, CA 92879

Phone: 951.735.5013
Fax: 951.735.5041


721 W Whittier Blvd., Suite K
La Habra, CA 90631

Phone: 562.697.4401
Fax: 562.697.4300


2 thoughts on “Fraud – Conquest Technical Staffing LLC”

  1. This is a formal request lying nicely about removing the honest comments that you have posted on google Facebook etc., as we are currently defrauding other unsuspecting businesses ! (As we have proof of these happenings) If not removed within the next 48 hours we will start more lying. You are using the same childish tactics I used. My boyfriend, I mean lawyer will be contacting you ASAP!
    Thank you

  2. hello. My name is Carla. I recently encountered this staffing agency because my roommate works for them. We have had all bad experiences with them and payroll. I wanted to let you know this past Monday at the La Habra location we fought back. Cops were called, yelling and nothing but crap from them. On the plus side, I did LEGALLY record their asses and it clearly shows that they are dirtbags and up to something fraudulent. I read that you were filing a lawsuit? Well, my video would be the icing on the cake. NO ONE SHOULD EVER HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS….

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